Yamaha presenteert YZF-R7

Het slechtstbewaarde geheim in de motorwereld is nu ook officieel gepresenteerd: Yamaha komt met een YZF-R7. De motor is een sportieve variatie op het MT-07 thema en sluit dus mooi aan in het rijtje naast de XSR 700, Tracer 7, Ténéré 700 en uiteraard de MT-07 zelf.

Het stond in de sterren geschreven dat de R7 veel elementen van de MT-07 zou overnemen en in het persbericht lezen we dat het CP2 270° paralleltwin motorblok géén extra paardjes krijgt. De ooit zo legendarische R7-naam, wordt nu dus gekoppeld aan een racer met 73pk en 67Nm die het ook zal moeten hebben van zijn inzetbaarheid op straat. De voornaamste toevoeging ten opzichte van de MT-07 is dus het kuipwerk en een sportievere zithouding.

Radiale remmen, optioneel quickshifter

Maar er is meer, want naast een set radiale remmen met radiale hoofdremcilinder (!) krijgt de R7 ook een 41mm USD-vork, slipperkoppeling en optioneel ook nog een quickshifter. Het chassis werd verder wel aangepast met het oog op meer framestijfheid en ook de achterbrug en schokbreker achteraan werden vernieuwd voor sportief gebruik.

Prijs: how low can you go?

Hieronder vind je het volledige persbericht terug, al kunnen we meteen ook meegeven dat er nog één belangrijk elementje ontbreekt: de prijs. Naar analogie met de Ténéré 700 en de concurrentie in het Adventure-segment, verwachten we voor de R7 een prijskaartje onder de 10.000 euro, oftewel een stuk goedkoper dan de Aprilia RS660. Dat is namelijk de dichtste concurrent met een stevig prijskaartje, maar ook 30 pk meer…
De Yam zal het dus moeten hebben van zijn rijwielgedeelte én een voordelige prijs.

Where R/World meets yours

Since the original YZF-R1 changed the face of the Supersport world forever back in 1998, the Yamaha R-Series has gone on to establish itself as the definitive high-performance motorcycle line-up.

Today’s range is headed by the flagship R1M – the most advanced production motorcycle ever made by Yamaha – and the R-Series offers track riders a superb choice of machinery including the R1 and R6 RACE, backed up by an extensive range of GYTR tuning parts that enable owners to attain even higher levels of engine and chassis performance. Yamaha is committed to offering the widest choice of Supersport models for all riders, and at the other end of the spectrum the 2-cylinder R3 and single-cylinder R125 are the ideal introduction to R/World for newer track and road riders.

The nature of the Supersport world is changing, and while the more extreme models continue to attract a devoted following of performance-focused riders, Yamaha is further expanding its segment-leading supersport range with the launch of the new R7 that will introduce a new generation of riders to R/World with a full power and also a 35kW A2 license version.  

Yamaha R7: Respecting the legend

No motorcycle would ever dare to compare itself to the original YZF-R7. Only 500 of these full factory race bikes were produced in 1999 to gain homologation for World Superbike and Suzuka 8 Hours. Raced by legendary riders including Noriyuki Haga and Akira Yanagawa, the YZF-R7 is considered to be one of the most exotic and desirable Japanese motorcycles ever built.

The new R7 has been named in order to show respect for the original limited edition YZF-R7 superbike. Proudly carrying this illustrious name, the 2021 R7 is a new kind of Supersport that has been created to appeal to a younger audience, and is built to introduce the next generation of riders to the thrills, excitement and pride of ownership that comes with every R-Series.

New Yamaha R7: Adding a new dimension to R/World

While there is always going to be a place for the legendary R1M, R1 and R6 RACE, the arrival of the new R7 makes R/World a reality for many younger riders who yearn for the Supersport lifestyle.

Powered by Yamaha’s outstandingly successful and much-loved CP2 engine that is famous for its strong and linear torque delivery – as well as its reliability and low running costs – the new R7 is ready to shake up the middleweight market. Clothed in exquisitely crafted bodywork and featuring an extremely high specification that includes radial-mount front brakes, inverted forks and an A&S clutch, the R7 is a new kind of motorcycle that offers exciting Supersport performance with outstanding handling and aggressive R-Series style – and all of this at a highly competitive price.

Light, compact and agile, this stunning looking machine is designed to give its rider the highest degree of control and the biggest fun factor in its class – whether they’re riding on the track or on the street. This Supersport really is within the grasp of every rider who wants to be a part of R/World. R7 is a new reality, and being available in full and 35kW versions, it’s ready to attract a new audience and have a significant impact on the Supersport world.

689cc CP2 engine: Sports performance with everyday fun

With its clear focus on pure riding excitement, accessibility and affordability, the new R7 represents an exciting new dimension to the R-Series Supersport family. Regarded as one of the most characterful, responsive and reliable designs in its class, Yamaha’s successful 689cc CP2 engine is the perfect powerplant for this new model.

Featuring a 270 degree crankshaft that gives an uneven firing sequence, the 4-stroke inline 2-cylinder DOHC 4-valve liquid-cooled CP2 engine delivers strong and linear torque across a wide rpm range, making it a lively performer in all gears and at all engine speeds. Maximum power of 73.4PS (54kW) is produced at 8750 rpm, and more significantly the maximum torque of 67Nm is achieved at 6500rpm, giving the R7 extremely strong standing start and roll-on acceleration – while the uneven pulses of the 270 degree crankshaft create a very real feeling of mounting excitement as the revs rise.

Dedicated changes to the existing CP2 engine include a new ECU specification and optimised air intake ducts, as well as a revised exhaust design and idealised fuel injection settings. These measures work to enhance controllability and deliver a smooth and responsive throttle response, contributing to the enjoyable torque-rich riding experience of the R7 – while also achieving full EU5 compliance. In addition to these dedicated modifications, the R7 also runs a slightly reduced secondary gear reduction ratio to give a sportier character with stronger acceleration.   

A&S clutch: Ultimate controllability

A key new feature on the R7’s CP2 engine is the adoption of an Assist & Slipper (A&S) clutch that delivers smoother gear shifting and prevents engine over-rev and rear wheel hop during hard braking, resulting in more predictable and controllable handling when approaching corners.

Another advantage of the R7’s A&S clutch is that it provides a significantly lighter feel at the lever, approximately 33% less than a standard clutch.

Optional Quick Shift System: Seamless upshifts for full-on acceleration   

R7 riders can choose to have an optional Quick Shift System (QSS) fitted to their new Supersport by the supplying Yamaha dealer. This simple but effective QSS features a switch positioned on the gear shift rod, and when any upshifting movement is detected the ECU instantaneously cuts power to the transmission for a few milliseconds, allowing for faster and smoother full throttle upshifts for even more exhilarating acceleration.

Slim and lightweight frame: Ultra-responsive handling with agile cornering

Slimness and compactness are two of the defining characteristics of the R7, and this new Supersport features a lightweight backbone style frame that is designed to deliver responsive and agile handling together with fast and nimble directional changes.

A rigid mounted aluminium centre brace contributes towards the bike’s sharp handling performance on the track and road, and the high tensile steel frame uses tubing of varying strengths in key locations in order to achieve an idealised rigidity balance.   

Fully adjustable 41mm inverted forks: Easily set up for track or road

A great deal of attention has been paid to the design of the R7’s new suspension package in order to achieve accurate front end feel during cornering and braking. The new KYB 41mm inverted front forks provide a high level of stability together with confident roadholding on racetracks and twisty roads. And to ensure a firm and predictable front end feel, a gravity cast upper triple clamp and forged aluminium lower triple clamp are featured.

The R7 can be set up by the rider to suit different conditions, and these Supersport class forks are fully adjustable for preload as well as compression and rebound damping. With the compression function located in the left fork leg and the rebound function in the right leg, adjustments are quick and easy to make.

For precise handling with accurate feedback the R7’s high specification inverted forks give a steep caster angle of 23.7 degrees with 90mm trail, and with a compact 1395mm wheelbase and a 51/49 front/rear wheel weight distribution, this new Supersport is built to corner hard and fast.

Newly designed link-type Monocross rear suspension

The R7 adopts a redesigned link-type Monocross rear suspension system with damping characteristics and a spring rate, that are designed to suit the sporty character of the bike. Being horizontally mounted, the shock contributes towards mass centralization that enhances handling agility – and is easily adjustable for preload and rebound damping, enabling the R7 chassis to be quickly set up for track or street use.

Supersport riding position: Clip-ons, rearsets and solo-style rider’s seat

The R7’s sporty riding position is the result of many hours of test riding by factory riders, and the use of clip-ons confirms the bike’s genuine Supersport DNA. After experimenting with a wide variety of bar/seat/footrest configurations, the final result is designed to give a sporty yet adaptable riding position that allows plenty of freedom of body position to master different riding situations – especially race tracks and twisty roads.

An important feature is the seat design which is narrow around the rider’s inner thighs and wider at the rear, allowing maximum freedom of movement. The back sweep and drop angle of the clip-on handlebars and the positioning of the rear sets have been carefully considered in order to realise a tucked-in riding position that enables the rider to achieve optimum control together with the greatest possible aerodynamic efficiency. The ability to tuck tightly into the machine is enhanced by the deeply indented tank cover, and these knee pockets also enable the rider to grip the bike during braking and cornering.

The solo-style seat features a bump-stop design with a passenger pad on top of the tail, and the optional Yamaha Genuine Accessories seat cowl can be easily fitted to the R7 for riders who only go solo. 

Radial mount calipers & radial master cylinder: High performance with fingertip control  

The R7’s genuine R-Series credentials can be seen in the high specification front braking system, featuring radial-mount 4-piston brake calipers that give accurate and uniform stopping power for the ultimate in fingertip control. This advanced front braking system also includes a Brembo radial master cylinder that delivers linear brake pressure for enhanced controllability.

Ultra-athletic dimensions: The search for perfect control

What makes the R7 such an attractive Supersport for a wide range of customers is the fact that it is designed to enable its rider to achieve a high level of control in many different situations. A key element that makes the R7 owner feel truly at one with their machine is its compact and athletic outline that allows the rider to be in charge of the machine, rather than the machine dominating the rider.

With a wet weight of just 188 kg and compact proportions, it means that the bike is highly accessible and riders can become an integral part of this new generation Supersport. Along with its mass centralised design, low frontal area and small moment of inertia, the compactness gives the R7 rider a feeling of total control that helps to elevate their riding and confidence to another level, while at the same time boosting the enjoyment of a trackday experience, weekend ride or daily commute.  

Super-slim R-Series bodywork: Reduced air resistance for optimal performance

The key to pushing any Supersport bike through the air most effectively is to keep its frontal area as small as possible, and this is where the R7 has a strong advantage. Its compact CP2 engine is one of the narrowest in the 700cc class, and the minimalist tubular chassis keeps overall dimensions to a minimum. These factors have enabled Yamaha to create the slimmest ever R-Series – that’s even narrower than the R3 and R125 – making the R7 one of the most aerodynamically efficient bikes with a rider on board.

The incredibly small frontal area not only makes the R7 one of the most stunning looking supersport models, but it also pays dividends in terms of performance. Producing the same maximum power as any other CP2-powered Yamaha, the aerodynamic new R7 is capable of achieving a significantly higher top speed.

Evolving R-Series face: Pure and aggressive as ever

With its aggressive twin-eye glare and YZR-M1 MotoGP™ bike style M-shaped air intake, there can be no doubt in anyone’s mind that the R7 is a fully paid-up member of the R-Series family. The R7 represents the evolution of the R-Series face, and features a single LED headlight recessed within the iconic M-shaped air duct, while LED position lights are located within the twin-eye face – and there’s a new air deflector located at the base of the intake.

Newly designed full LCD instruments

The compact Supersport cockpit features newly designed lightweight LCD instruments with a high-contrast negative mode display that gives clear and easy to absorb information, allowing the R7 rider to focus on the road ahead. Features include gear indicator as well as a shift indicator light, and a QSS indicator when this optional feature is used.

Lightweight 10-spoke alloy wheels

For easy manoeuvrability together with agile handling and responsive suspension action the R7 is equipped with lightweight 10-spoke cast alloy wheels. A high level of traction is provided by a 120/70ZR17 front tyre and a wide 180/55ZR17 rear tyre that deliver stable and confident roadholding when cornering, accelerating and braking.  

Technical Highlights

  • Compact, high-torque, 689cc, CP2 crossplane technology engine
  • Available in full and 35kW versions
  • Ultra-compact design with pure R-Series DNA
  • Highly aerodynamic full fairing with aluminium lower cover
  • High specification inverted 41mm front forks
  • Link-type Monocross rear suspension with newly designed shock
  • A&S clutch
  • Lightweight tubular frame with aluminium centre brace for tuned chassis rigidity
  • Clip-on handlebars and lightweight rearsets with stylish heel guards
  • Sporty and adaptable tucked-in riding position
  • Aggressive R-Series twin-eye face with LED position lights
  • Powerful central LED headlight
  • Lightweight 10-spoke cast alloy wheels
  • Radial mount front brake calipers with Brembo radial master cylinder
  • Supersport cockpit design with full LCD instruments
  • Central M-shaped front air duct
  • Powerful front and rear brakes
  • Slimline 13-litre fuel tank with deeply sculpted knee indents
  • R-series style tail
  • 120/70 front tyre, 180/55 rear tyre 

R7 colours, availability and price

The dynamic new R7 is available in two colour options, and has been chosen to debut the next-generation R-series colours and graphics.

The first colour option is Icon Blue which is used on the upper body surfaces as well as the lower aluminium panels and wheels – while the sides of the fairing feature a contrasting darker matte blue. Engine, frame covers and swingarm are finished in Crystal Graphite that accentuates the power and dynamism of the R7.  

The R7 will also be available in a Yamaha Black colour option with minimal graphics and accents. This gloss black finish gives the bike a purposeful look, and is complemented by the Crystal Graphite engine and chassis. The beauty of this pure colour scheme is that is works well with a range of different riding gear, and gives the R7 an understated character that looks right in any situation, from the race track to the open road or city.

Deliveries to European Yamaha dealers will commence from October 2021. Prices vary per region, please contact the national Yamaha distributor for full information.

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