MV Agusta nu in handen van KTM groep

MV Agusta is nu in handen van PIERER Mobiity AG, oftewel het overkoepelend bedrijf achter de KTM-merken. Dat maakte het merk bekend in onderstaand persbericht. Timur Sardarov, de grote geldschieter sinds de laatste bedrijfsherstructurering, blijft actief als vice-directeur, terwijl Hubert Trunkenpolz (de T uit KTM) voortaan voorzitter wordt. Wat dit concreet betekent voor de toekomst van MV is nog koffiedik kijken, al spreekt het voor zich dat het exclusieve Italiaanse merk kan profiteren van KTM’s veel grotere internationale structuur.


(Luca Martin, Hubert Trunkenpolz, Filippo Bassoli)

In a landmark move marking the start of a new chapter in its history, MV Agusta, the iconic Italian motorcycle brand known for its blend of cutting-edge performance and unparalleled craftsmanship, announces significant changes to its leadership structure.

This strategic evolution follows the recent majority acquisition by PIERER Mobility AG, paving the way for an exhilarating future of growth. The newly appointed board of directors is all set to steer MV Agusta into its next phase of global expansion and technological advancement, underscoring the brand’s commitment to Italian excellence and its rich heritage. 

The Board of Directors is composed as follows:Hubert Trunkenpolz takes the helm as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, bringing a wealth of experience from his long-standing career in the motorcycle industry, particularly his crucial role in expanding KTM’s global footprint.Timur Sardarov is appointed Deputy Chairman, recognising his pivotal contributions and vision in driving MV Agusta’s recent successes and brand resurgence.Luca Martin steps into the role of Deputy CEO and Managing Director, where his extensive knowledge and passion for motorcycles will continue to enrich the brand’s innovative edge.Filippo Bassoli is appointed Chief Marketing Officer and Managing Director, bringing a fresh perspective and dynamic approach to the company’s marketing, brand and communication strategies.Barbara Kenedi has been confirmed Chief Alliance Officer, tasked with forging strategic partnerships and alliances to bolster MV Agusta’s position in the global marketplace.
Victor Sigl and Ratmir Sardarov serve as Non-Executive Directors, offering their invaluable insight and oversight to ensure the company’s long-term strategic objectives are met. MV Agusta extends its gratitude to Simone Tedeschi for his tenure as a board member.

Tedeschi’s role was instrumental in nurturing a fruitful partnership between PIERER Mobility AG and the Sardarov family, laying a solid foundation for the brand’s future endeavours. Under this new leadership, MV Agusta is setting off on an ambitious journey, focusing on innovation, market expansion, and strengthening its legacy as an Italian manufacturer of the world’s most prestigious motorcycles. The board’s diverse expertise and unified vision will undoubtedly propel MV Agusta towards new heights of success and redefine the boundaries of motorcycle excellence.